2ndhand Knowledge

Test Time!


Sorry it’s so late today! I have a big scary test tomorrow that I’ve been studying for and I just finished watching an episode of Dr. Who.  I also went to the opening of my friend’s art show today. She is super skilled.

sweater: Gap via Plato’s Closet(?); top: Anne Klein via Your Stuff; jeans: J. Crew via Plato’s Closet; shoes: Boutique 9; earrings: snatched from mom; necklace: chain from mom, pendant handmade by me

I made that pendant! I really like it – I wish I had time to do things like that more often. 😦 Well, I’m going to run off and brush my teeth, blow my nose, and go to bed now in hopes that the information I’ve studied will absorb. Ohhhh, I still have so much more to study tomorrow before the test.


Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Test Time!

  1. You take the most simple, basic outfit, and always, always make it spectacular!

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