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Knight in Shining Armor

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I had quite a fabulous Valentine’s Day. How about you? I suppose my friends Hannah, Molly, and Eliza made do as my “valentines.” I got chocolates and (fake) flowers and candies and cookies and bagels from these and other awesome people. Classes didn’t meet today because my school is just so festive they decided to make Valentine’s Day a holiday…no, actually it was “assessment day” meaning freshman, most sophomores, and seniors had to take assessment tests to see how well various departments are teaching their students. After these fun tests, my friends and I got lunch, chatted, and spent a veeerrrry long time in Michael’s (artsy people we be) buying things and wanting things that we didn’t buy. It was oodles of fun. Gosh, I’m going to miss them when we graduate!

PLUS! Special feature! My sister’s outfit I find quite adorable, so I’m featuring a picture of her that I snatched off Facebook (with her permission, of course). I believe most of what she is wearing is secondhand. Her cute oxford heels are via DSW and her tights are via Plato’s Closet. I love the bright colors, and I want to steal that pleated skirt! Her knight in shining armor, however, is a little too short for her. πŸ™‚


Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

One thought on “Knight in Shining Armor

  1. Oh, your little sister is so cute! And I love that you two kinda match πŸ™‚

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