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Color Obsessions


Rather than doing weekend links, ‘m going to do something a little different. I don’t have a good stock of links to share right now, but I do have some colors that I’m pretty obsessed with. So I’m going to list the colors and share some images of ways to wear them. Sound good? Yeeeaaaah. So here we go.

1. Olive Green. This is my latest obsession. The great thing about it? It’s green, but it’s also a great neutral. Pair it with pretty much anything and it still looks good. (images via modern hepburn, madewell, and out came the sun)










2. Red. Bold. The more tomato-y, the better. (images via kristine or polly, see jane, and sunday crossbow)









3. Coral. SUMMER! There’s a shade for everyone. I especially love it with navy. (images via sidewalk ready,  unknown pinterest, and coco+kelly)


Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Color Obsessions

  1. I love all of these right now! Add mint/turquoise and tangerine to the list and it’s EVERYTHING I’m loving at the moment 🙂

    • haha! I actually seriously considered adding orange and mint to the list, but I didn’t want to make the post overwhelmingly long. I’m a huge fan of those colors, too.

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