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This is a very easy, laid-back outfit, but all I did today was go to target to get hair conditioner (other than letterpress class, but I wear an old tee and blue jeans there so I don’t ruin my good clothes with paint). I didn’t get a detail shot of the necklace, but it’s beads wrapped in fabric with a little bow at the back of the neck. I also should have gotten a picture of the back of the dress – wasn’t thinking! It has a round cutout that ties at the top

and here’s your daily entertainment. I interned with Discovery last summer, and while there I was an extra in a promo for Adrenaline Lab with Bear Grylls. I had never seen the promo until yesterday. I was special in that I had to stay longer than most extras because not only was I sitting right behind the main actor, but I was wearing a bright orange shirt. It would have been really obvious if they had switched me out with someone else. Anyway, the unnerved-looking girl in orange behind the main actor is me. Acting is obviously my calling (and yes, I mean that sarcastically).


Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

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