2ndhand Knowledge

Holiday Dinner


Your Stuff and Kids’ Stuff‘s Christmas dinner was on Friday. In an attempt to be a little festive, I wore the Nordic inspired tee I made last week (tutorial here) with a sparkly skirt. Nearly everyone else was wearing jeans. Woohoo for always overdressing!

I took these pictures at dusk…in the rain…in a hurry. Not bad considering all the factors working against me! 😀
holiday1 holiday6 holiday4 holiday3 holiday2 holiday5

tee: secondhand Loft DIYed
skirt: secondhand Loft
tights: CVS, maybe?
loafers: Crown Vintage via DSW
coat: secondhand Gap
earrings: secondhand


Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Dinner

  1. aww, you’re adorbs 🙂 so cool that your shirt is diy! x

  2. Love that tee that you made! It came out so cute and looks great with that skirt. Very festive 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, I really like your cute skirt! So festive for the holidays! xo

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