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Pop of Purple


Last Tuesday, I returned to my beloved college to attend an event where all the Digital Video and Cinema (DVC) students debut their 20 minute films they spend the semester working on. I wasn’t a DVC student, but I did start out as one before switching to a different concentration. I have lots of friends and acquaintances who are DVC, so the event is something I’ve enjoyed going to for the past several years. I wouldn’t have dreamed of missing it this semester, as there were a couple films I was really looking forward to seeing (one I designed a logo for). They were all really fantastic, and it was a ton of fun getting to see so many friends (several close friends who graduated when I did went to the event as well). Anyway, this is what I wore. …Have I told you how much I miss school?!

I Hope you had a great Monday! I’m off on an adventure to visit some family through Wednesday. (I’m scheduling a post, so you won’t miss me.)

P.S. See this post on Sidewalk Ready to learn how I tied my scarf (though mine didn’t quite turn out like hers). I did it a while after watching the video so I probably didn’t do it right. Oh well.
olivepur1 olivepur6 olivepur2 olivepur3 olivepur5 olivepur4

dress: secondhand Gap
socks: Sierra Trading Post
shoes: secondhand Miss Sixty
scarf: secondhand
belt: secondhand
earrings: secondhand


Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Pop of Purple

  1. Cute tights, socks, shoes combo. You may miss school but you will never stop learning!

  2. That pop of purple makes the whole OOTD!

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