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Spring? Is That You?


Spring is teasing me. I went outside with bare legs today and didn’t freeze, and daffodils are blooming in front of my house. I sure hope the not-freezing weather sticks around!

See how I styled this dress another time here, and check out how I styled this sweater last winter here.

turqnolive1turqnolive3turqnolive2 turqnolive4 turqnolive6turqnolive5

sweater: secondhand Madison Studio
dress: secondhand Tory Burch
jacket: secondhand Old Navy
belt: secondhand
necklace: secondhand
shoes: Toms

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Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Spring? Is That You?

  1. The striped mini is such a cute pairing with the military inspired jacket.
    I love it when all the spring flowers start to pop – can’t wait!

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