2ndhand Knowledge

Breaking the Rules


Yes, I’m wearing navy AND black AND brown.

I didn’t want to wear black shoes because I’m wearing navy tights…and that looked awkward. I don’t have any navy shoes that would work with this outfit. So what do I do? I just throw another color in the mix – brown. I like that these shoes make the outfit a bit more casual (as does the hat). I haven’t worn this dress yet because I always feel like a structured silk dress is too formal for my everyday life. I really love the way this outfit turned out, though, and I think it’s perfectly acceptable attire for sitting at a computer all day doing graphic design.

I love these shoes! See also how I wore them here, here, and here.

bolddress bolddress2 bolddress3 bolddress4 bolddress5 bolddress6

dress: secondhand Diane Von Furstenberg
tights: Target
belt: secondhand
shoes: secondhand Miss Sixty
hat: secondhand Gap
earrings that you can’t see…I always forget to take detail pics: secondhand

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Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

7 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules

  1. Lovely outfit. it looks great

  2. I’m far to mesmerized by the beautiful print of the dress to even notice the color of your shoes. what an amazing thrift find.

  3. that dress is amazing! DVF for the win!

  4. Wow what a gorgeous dress – such a great find!!


  5. I love this whole outfit! way to break the rules! I always wear blue & black together.

    You nominated me for a beloved award…What now? email me at patternedlove@gmail.com

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