2ndhand Knowledge

The Passersby Effect


So these photos are kinda hectic because right as my sister started taking them, I noticed some people walking down the street. Being that I still feel awkward taking pictures of myself (or even having my sister take pictures of me, for that matter), I started panicking and insisting that we wait until they pass. My sister just kept on snapping. BUT…they turned out pretty good, I think. Thanks, Marion, for ignoring my plea to wait.

I’ve worn almost this exact same outfit before. The only difference is the jacket, earrings, and hair length. I think looking back, though, this is a great example of how adding just one more layer, whether it be a jacket, scarf, necklace, or even a belt, can really make an outfit look more fun or pulled-together. I like the details (buttons, pockets) of the shirt on its own, but the jacket really makes it feel more “me.”


top: secondhand Express
jacket: secondhand Old Navy
jeans: secondhand J. Crew
shoes: secondhand Missoni for Target
earrings: Sedona, Arizona

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Author: Maggie J.

I'm Maggie - an artist, designer, and consignment store enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “The Passersby Effect

  1. I love this jacket sooo much. This is super close to what I’ve been keeping an eye out for in the thrift stores! And those shoes too! Love them! Good job “secondhanding” the outfit! 🙂


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