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Weekend Links!

Happy early weekend! I’m off on an adventure via train. I’m dog-sitting for relatives this weekend, and I’m not bringing a computer with me (it’s kinda hard to travel with a 27″ iMac). I’ll try to post when I get home on Monday night, but if not, I’ll be back Tuesday. I think I’m going to just take advantage of my time without my computer to catch up on some long overdue reading. I was planning on getting out and exploring some while away, but I think I’d rather just relax, read, and hang out with the dogs. I may go out one day, or perhaps meet up with a friend in the area, but that’s it. So here are some links to get you through the weekend:

This photo inspired me to whip out my orange nail polish. It already looks terrible – the woes of an artist.

Mmmm, these cheese puffs sound yummy and super easy to make!

I’m loving all the overalls I’m seeing in lookbooks and on Pinterest lately! A nod to my childhood. Now just to find the perfect pair and style them in a way that doesn’t make me look like my childhood.

Speaking of lookbooks, Ruche’s most recent is adorable! I love the tea party theme.

One of the big trends this spring is globally influenced apparel and accessories. Think mud cloth, Scandinavian embroidery, raffia, ikat, etc. I love it!

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Inspiration: Everyday Adventure

I don’t know about you, but with spring on the horizon, I’m itching for adventure. A little bit of change is exciting, whether it be changing seasons or a change of location. And of course, I’m probably not the only one who associates warmer weather with vacations and travel.

…But then again, I’m always itching for adventure. I adore traveling, and though my last big adventure (Ireland) was only eight months ago, I’m ready for another. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford regular travel one day, but for now, I’ll just have to live the dream vicariously through Pinterest.

I gathered some photos of outfits that have a bit of adventurous, outdoorsy tinge to them.  Even if you have nowhere to go, you can at least dress as if you do! All images are linked to their source.

1. Cargo pants – so you can keep your compass, map, or spare euros handy . A skinny fit makes them feminine, and a sparkly or flowy top makes them a bit more glamorous.

2. Insect prints – if you can’t go out into the wilderness, just wear it on your dress. I have a mild obsession with insect prints. I even designed and bought my own insect-covered iphone case.

3. Desert/chukka boots – inspired by the boots worn by British officers in WWII. The real, crepe sole desert boots (Clarks) are intended to be super comfortable. They’re great for adventures that require lots of walking…or just causal everyday wear.

4. Souvenir tees – show off where you’ve been or just where you want to go. Wear your travel tee with a skirt, or wear it with jeans (just add some fun jewelry to dress it up).

5. Panama or safari hat – you don’t have to go on a safari to justify wearing a safari hat. Feeling really adventurous? Wear a safari helmet (see here or here).

6. Waxed canvas bag – rugged-looking and sturdy. Swap your patent leather purse for a waxed canvas rucksack or shell bag.

What items of clothing or accessories make you feel adventure-ready?

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