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St. Patrick’s Day Links!

Spiddal, Ireland © Maggie Josey, 2013

Above image – the only four leaf clover I’ve ever found was in Ireland. My friend was searching for one in a patch of clover, and I just looked down and there one was. Not even ten minutes later, I found 20 Euro on a solitary beach. Coincidence?

I’m switching up weekend links and doing it today…I should have an outfit for you tomorrow. Today was a sweatpants and t-shirt day for me. This week’s links are St. Patrick’s Day themed. If for no other reason, I like this holiday because it reminds me of spring and of Ireland. It also reminds me of that time I studied abroad in London and our faculty-in-residence scheduled us to go to a four hour opera in Italian on St. Patty’s Day…not many of my classmates were very happy about that.


Green foods are a festive choice for St. Patrick’s Day. Try mint – a homemade shamrock shake (no food coloring!), or matcha (green tea) – donuts, cookies, cream puffs, and cupcakes. If you like avocados, check out my pin board devoted to this favorite food of mine. If you missed it, check out my recipe for avocado pie – yummm!

Bailey’s Irish cream and Guinness are of course popular choices for this holiday. I’d prefer mine incorporated into a desert, though – this Bailey’s pound cake sounds good, as do all of these desserts. Or you could make some Irish whiskey fudge.


I love this shamrock moss wreath. I’d gladly leave it on my door all year.

These paper shamrocks are cute…and probably easier to make than the wreath.

A felt shamrock garland in the colors of the rainbow – pretty!

These St. Patrick’s Day vases are cute and unique.

Live shamrocks – the best kind!


These Celtic knot necklaces are so pretty! Grab some green cord and follow this tutorial video to tie the knot.

Give yourself a manicure – minty-green nail polish with gold sparkles.

The Pantone color of the year is emerald. Check out this inspiration post I did on wearing emerald for some ideas on how to dress for St. Patty’s Day!



Olives and Mint

I opened my dresser drawer to find my black tights, and these lovely olive ones greeted me. So much better than the black ones would have been! I like the way they look paired with this mint green sweater.

I almost got rid of this skirt a few months ago.Then I happened upon this post Kinsey did where she wore this same skirt. Her outfit was so cute I decided to keep it.

See a few other ways I’ve styled the pieces in this outfit here, here, and here.
green1 green2 green3 green4 green5 green6
sweater: secondhand Gap
skirt: secondhand 21
boots: Star Ling via Nordstrom (over 3 years ago)
belt: DIY
tights: target
hat: secondhand San Diego Hat Co.

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And the color of the year is…

Being a designer, I love all things Pantone. I particularly love the fashion color reports…even though the reports include too many colors to really dictate what I wear, they’re fun to look at because they have fashion designers craft looks around each color and provide a few words about it. I also really like that they choose a color for each year. It’s fun to anticipate what that color might be. The Pantone color of 2013 is EMERALD! I LOVE this color.

Here’s a little inspiration board I put together to start thinking about how to style this rich, lovely, bold color. I love that it’s a color so abundantly found in nature, and it’s also pretty timeless (don’t you love those vintage photos I found?). I also think it’s a color that works well for all seasons. It’s rich and deep – perfect for fall and winter, yet it suggests life and growth (green trees!) for spring and summer. Click the image for a larger view, and see below for links to where I found them.


swatchbracelets, velvet blazer, skirt, purse, coat & hat, Emerald City, scarf, nails, vintage dress, Northern Lights, Kate Middleton, lake & trees, vintage hat, shoes, sparkly shoes, fabric

If you want to hunt down some emerald to add to your wardrobe at a consignment or thrift store, I suggest looking for accessories (jewelry, scarves, purses) and basics (tees, cardigans), as you’ll probably have the most luck finding those things. I did see a pretty emerald dress the other day in Your Stuff Consignment Boutique, though, so who knows. You may just get lucky! 🙂

How do you feel about the color of the year? Do you like it?


Jumping Fun

I need to remember in the future that I have a dog and my backyard is her potty. To put it nicely, I spent a while cleaning my shoes after these pictures. Ew.

I wore this to take my friend shopping at a consignment store about an hour away. It was the perfect outfit, really, because I was wearing enough layers to make me not want to try too much on, so I only bought a sweater and a purse (I just went to the same store a couple weeks ago and spent a lot).

I have a tutorial coming later this week…a nice festive one. I’ve been working on some freelance graphic design and web design projects with approaching deadlines, so I have yet to actually DO the project that my tutorial is for, but hopefully I’ll start tonight and finish tomorrow. So expect it (or hope for it) on Wednesday.

Speaking of festive, it’s really hard to grasp that it could possibly be December where I am. The weather today was in the 70s – unseasonably warm! WHAT? Where’s my snow? How’s the weather where you are?OLIVESTRIPE4OLIVESTRIPE3OLIVESTRIPE5OLIVESTRIPE6 OLIVESTRIPE2 OLIVESTRIPE1

dress: secondhand Tory Burch (new with tags, orig. $200. I got it for less than $100. Oh the perks of consignment stores!)
sweater: secondhand New York and Company
scarf: secondhand
tights: Target
boots: secondhand Steve Madden
hat: secondhand San Diego Hat Co.


The Curly Noodle Detective

I’m not used to it getting dark before 8pm yet. So once again, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures until after dark. I bought this jacket in late spring so this fall is really the first opportunity I’ve had to wear it. My dad thinks it looks like a detective jacket. My sister (we were visiting her at school) saw my curly hair and referred to it as curly noodles. So by the end of dinner, those two observations merged and I was dubbed the “curly noodle detective.”

dress: secondhand Old Navy
jacket: secondhand Talbots
shoes: secondhand J. Crew
earrings: secondhand
hair: au naturel

This weekend, I went back to my beautiful college town to meet up with my old housemates and see some other friends as well. It was so much fun and it really makes me miss them…and school. These are some highlights from my trip (pictures stolen from Hannah). The first few are of our apple picking adventure. The next are of us playing Quelf (a board game everyone should experience). And the last is of my two housemates, our lovely host/dear friend, and me.