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What’s Up? (Belated) March Edition

Since I didn’t post Monday, you get a double dose of me today! Plus, I realized I never shared my March Instagram highlights and what I’ve been up to.

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  1. Working on website design/development!
  2. My sister and I went to the park during her spring break. We had to wait a looong time before the swings were free. All the kiddies in town were at the park that unusually warm day.
  3. I got accepted to the University or Oregon Interior Architecture graduate program! It’s not likely to happen though, because I’m not having much luck getting an assistantship.
  4. I go to yard sales with my mom every Saturday morning. We’re normally up before the sun. It’s totally worth it, though, because I’ve found some pretty awesome stuff.
  5. My St. Patrick’s day outfit! I went with a subtle green.
  6. I love miso soup! I’ve eaten a lot of it lately.
  7. Some goodies – Blog Inc., white out, and my favorite pens.
  8. I have a lot of hats. I need to wear them more often!
  9. No, I didn’t murdur a purple-blooded creature. I was cutting up beets to roast for dinner. Yum!


READING: The Omnivore’s Dilemma

WATCHING: Duck Dynasty…um, yeah. And DOCTOR WHO! Of course.

LUSTING: high waisted skinny jeans, overalls, long hair, a simple b&w striped short sleeve tee, summery moccasins, this (yum), a Cherner chair, She & Him show, and outdoor adventures…always.

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What’s up? February Edition

INSTAGRAM – (follow me @maggarama)FebInstagram

  1. My hair is finally kinda getting long(er)!
  2. This ad placement in a magazine made me giggle. Notice the spout pouring water into the coffee filter on the left page and the position of the gas pump on the right. When I first saw this my brain registered them this as a two page spread rather than separate images.
  3. I’ve made a lot of risotto this month. This recipe called for SO MANY mushrooms.
  4. I’m ripping out the carpet in my house…solo. It’s a nice break from the computer.
  5. I made peanut butter filled cookies for myself for Valentines Day.
  6. Snow! Hopefully the last of the year. I’m ready for spring.
  7. 23 birthday candles is evidently over the top, so I just got one.
  8. My sister knows me so well. She got me this birthday card (I love Shark Week).
  9. My friend Jami came over one Sunday afternoon and we had a Doctor Who marathon to catch her up on season 7. We only got halfway through, so we have to plan another marathon. (yay!)


READING – I should be reading Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, but I haven’t picked it up this month. I’ve been reading a bunch of articles and studies about social media for a project I’m working on. I was recently reminded I still need to read the second and third Hunger Games books.

WATCHING – I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’ve gotten hooked on American Idol this year. You see, it comes on right after Big Bang Theory…which my family watches every night while dinner is being prepared. So yeah, that’s my excuse.

NEW BLOG FINDSSteffys Pros and ConsMaddie the Coonhound (I’ve known about this one awhile, but it’s just so cute!), VivaluxuryBlog MilkUrban WeedsWearing It On My SleevesThe Moptop.

LUSTING – Have you heard of Inkkas? I just discovered them yesterday and I’m in love! They’re sneakers made out of beautiful South American textiles. The company, “was founded on the principles of fair trade, philanthropy and authenticity,” and 10% of all sales is donated to help protect and preserve the Amazon rainforest (check out this post I wrote on incorporating sneakers into your wardrobe). Also, I’m itching to make a quilt and I want to use this as one of the fabrics. I have the quilt planned out in my head, I just need to get the supplies and get to it.

Have a LOVELY weekend! And happy March! 🙂

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What’s up?

I follow a few bloggers that do an end of the month recap on their blog. I always enjoy – it’s interesting to see what they’re up to, what they’re reading, watching, etc. It makes them a bit more real, I guess, and it’s a great way for me to find out about other blogs, good books, etc. So…here it goes. Just a once-a-month spin on weekend links. 🙂

But first, Have you taken this quick poll yet? Do it (please)!



  1. I made a blog schedule for January and stuck to it! February is now printed and ready.
  2. I bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy two years ago intending to read it, but the craziness of school, internships, and projects kept me away from it. I’m finally into it. I’ve read the first book and I’m part way through the second. Now I hate to put it down!
  3. I love my Doctor Who mug my friend gave me for Christmas! I drink tea or coffee from it on a daily basis.
  4. New hat! Got it on Ebay.
  5. Design, design, design! My time is normally occupied with web design and development, but I do posters, ads, logos, etc., too. This month I started working on some designs to help promote my services to the resale industry! That venture is still a work in progress, but I’m excited about it.
  6. More design! These are for a really cool website I’m working on (I love implementing hand-drawn elements into my designs).
  7. We finally got some snow! It didn’t stick around for long, but it was still pretty.
  8. Snow turned to sleet and freezing rain. My friend who lives about 30 minutes out of the city stayed the night with me so she wouldn’t have to drive home on black ice. We played scrabble and watched Doctor Who. A fun, much need night with my best friend.
  9. My mom makes THE BEST homemade granola. No, really, it’s the best. I won’t buy granola anymore.


READING: Lord of the Rings, A List Apart series for web designers, I Break for Yard Sales, and still waiting on the arrival of Blog, Inc. – Amazon notified me 2 weeks after purchase that it’s not in stock, and the Ebay seller I bought it from after that has disappeared off the planet.

WATCHING: Downton Abbey! That’s about it until Doctor Who starts back up…apart from travel shows on the local PBS station (my weakness! I have an enduring case of the travel bug). I also have a HGTV weakness – Property Brothers, Color Splash, Flea Market Flip, Extreme Homes). Oh, and American Pickers. But I really don’t watch that much TV, I promise.

NEW BLOG FINDS: Frolic, Life, etc., Raspberry and Red, So Lead Us There, Day to Day, Virginie’s Cinema, The Caffeinated Closet

LUSTING: Madewell colorful spring sneakers, awesome water bottle, fun camera lens, a neat DIY book (with a beautifully illustrated cover), and always and forever, a letterpress.

OH, OH OH, and check this out. My mom found this blog where I was featured as a good source of design inspiration (see #4)! WHAT? Cool!

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