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Weekend Links!

This picture has nothing to do with…anything. It’s just too adorable not to share! Via you are my wild

Once again, I’m sharing weekend links a day early, and I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post. I was getting caught up on some projects/emails today, so I never changed out of my pajamas. That happens far more often than it should (I’m a freelance designer and I work from home…that’s a good enough excuse, right?). I’m trying to knock some long overdue things off my to-do list because I have some new, exciting things I want to add – like switching this blog over to a self-hosted blog. I really want to give it a lovely new custom design and open it up for more opportunities not available to free WordPress blogs.

Here are some neat finds from the past couple weeks:

Madewell once again has created a “Looks We Love” series with, you guessed it, looks I love.

I love these pretty DIY bracelets made with leather cord and embroidery floss.

Springifiy your computer desktop with some pretty wallpapers!

I really love a lot of the elements of this home. Particularly the tabletop letterpress + accessories.

Have you seen this VW commercial? Haha – I love the spin on Singin’ in the Rain! It’s kinda old, but I don’t watch much TV so it’s new to me.

National Geographic started a Tumblr where they share rare and never seen photos from their archives. Very cool!

YUM! I love anything flavored with orange or ginger. This tea cake sounds perfect.

Check out Coffee and Cardigan’s weekly feature, Thrifter Thursday, where bloggers share their thrifted or partially thrifted outfits. I linked up!

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Weekend Links!

A gallery of the predicted spring and summer 2013 trends, from A-Z, by Vogue.

People who look like twins but aren’t even related. Crazy!

Do you know what a zarf is? Learn 27 words you never knew.

I think creative window displays are fascinating. Check out the best fashion windows of 2012.

Check out Madewell’s latest “looks we love” gallery for some outfit inspiration.

Have a great weekend! It’s supposed to be unusually warm where I am, so I’m looking forward to spending a little time outside (sanding and refinishing a small wooden box). Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

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Weekend Links!

image via modernhepburn

image via modernhepburn

Interesting product, but I just like the video.

Recipes illustrated by artists from around the world. They’re so pretty…I just want to print them all out!

Make an adorable Christmas tree out of pipe cleaners.

A handy-dandy no-buy gift guide.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Madewell’s gift guide. I want it all (guilty)!

DIY felt garland – pretty!

This looks really yummy!

Stylish chickens.

I  want  a  tulle  skirt.

Have a lovely weekend!


Weekend Links!

photo taken at Catawba Falls Trail, Old Fort, NC

Occasionally, I remember I wrote this several years ago and it makes me happy.

Seating makeover! I painted and reupholstered this stool (except mine was white with with an ugly faded black pleather seat) to make this lovely. I just spray painted it copper and stapled some new fabric to the seat.

Completely random, but Ebay got a little makeover.It’s not major, but I’m a graphic designer so I immediately noticed.

I often wish I could just transplant a Madewell store into my closet. Check out their fall style tips.

Have you seen this Bad Lip Reading video of the presidential debate? Such ridiculousness. Also check out BLR’s other videos if you never have – the Twilight one is funny, and the Micheal Bublé one…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Pretty pictures! And a good source of fashion inspiration.

I think I need to read this article…but I don’t have time. 😛

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Weekend Links!

via Pinterest (via Madewell blog)

Here are some links to check out this weekend!

Madewell’s spring lookbook is fun. You, like me, probably can’t afford to shop there, but it’s great outfit inspiration.

This commercial is fabulous…concept, execution, animation, and all.

Goats develop accents. Random. I know.

Make an awesome t-shirt necklace! (I’ve featured one in previous posts)

This song is still stuck in my head. Thank you, dear friends who showed this to me. Don’t ask. It’s a lot more entertaining if you are familiar with Toby Turner.