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Weekend Links!

So all day I’ve been neglecting this blog…but I haven’t really been neglecting this blog because I’ve spent my entire day working on a redesign. I upgraded my hosting account that I have my design website on and I bought my domain, so soon I’ll be switching over! I’ll make the announcement when it happens, but if you follow me on Bloglovin’ or through some other non-WordPress means, you’ll need to resubscribe when I make the switch. If you follow through WordPress, you should be good, as I’ll have those followers transferred over. You’re also safe if you’re an Instagram or Facebook follower. Here are some links to enjoy this weekend:

A great, comprehensive list of helpful articles for bloggers.

7 Types of Music Festival Folks – fun illustrations! What type do you match most?

A collection of beautiful retail typography. I think typography is hugely impactful, and great typography can really make a business or brand stand out and come across as top-notch. Excellence in presentation suggests excellence in every other matter.

Type in a location and this website will generate a stylized map for you. Creative Commons means you’re free to dress up your computer, website, or walls as you please, as long as you attribute the creators.

I want a swing in my house. Now.

Swimsuit myths and shopping tips from Real Simple Magazine. Yup, I’m excited for some warmer weather.

This is a really cool hair tutorial…if only I had the length to do it.

This made me giggle.

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Weekend Links!

via Pinterest (it was between that picture and this one today)

Happy “Lá Fhéile Pádraig!” Check out these fun links!

Llama font. Very practical, really.

Did you know clouds can be cute? Well, they can. Some of the other “we think things” videos are cool, too, if you have time. Namely, 35mm.

Marc Johns prints are fun. I wasted so much time looking through them. I like this one, this one, and this one reminds me of a certain someone who likes to mock me when I wear plaid.

Typographic chocolate. Too pretty to eat…but not really. I mean, it’s CHOCOLATE.

Finally, a new idea for what to do with all that polymer clay I bought at a yard sale.

March Anthropologie catalog. Be inspired. I’m in love with the umbrella shirt on page 25!

The color wheel game. Wanna waste some time?

And finally, the teaser for a short action film my friend is making. I’m the script supervisor. She bought me a clipboard…so official!