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Weekend Links!

So all day I’ve been neglecting this blog…but I haven’t really been neglecting this blog because I’ve spent my entire day working on a redesign. I upgraded my hosting account that I have my design website on and I bought my domain, so soon I’ll be switching over! I’ll make the announcement when it happens, but if you follow me on Bloglovin’ or through some other non-WordPress means, you’ll need to resubscribe when I make the switch. If you follow through WordPress, you should be good, as I’ll have those followers transferred over. You’re also safe if you’re an Instagram or Facebook follower. Here are some links to enjoy this weekend:

A great, comprehensive list of helpful articles for bloggers.

7 Types of Music Festival Folks – fun illustrations! What type do you match most?

A collection of beautiful retail typography. I think typography is hugely impactful, and great typography can really make a business or brand stand out and come across as top-notch. Excellence in presentation suggests excellence in every other matter.

Type in a location and this website will generate a stylized map for you. Creative Commons means you’re free to dress up your computer, website, or walls as you please, as long as you attribute the creators.

I want a swing in my house. Now.

Swimsuit myths and shopping tips from Real Simple Magazine. Yup, I’m excited for some warmer weather.

This is a really cool hair tutorial…if only I had the length to do it.

This made me giggle.

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Weekend Links!

This picture has nothing to do with…anything. It’s just too adorable not to share! Via you are my wild

Once again, I’m sharing weekend links a day early, and I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post. I was getting caught up on some projects/emails today, so I never changed out of my pajamas. That happens far more often than it should (I’m a freelance designer and I work from home…that’s a good enough excuse, right?). I’m trying to knock some long overdue things off my to-do list because I have some new, exciting things I want to add – like switching this blog over to a self-hosted blog. I really want to give it a lovely new custom design and open it up for more opportunities not available to free WordPress blogs.

Here are some neat finds from the past couple weeks:

Madewell once again has created a “Looks We Love” series with, you guessed it, looks I love.

I love these pretty DIY bracelets made with leather cord and embroidery floss.

Springifiy your computer desktop with some pretty wallpapers!

I really love a lot of the elements of this home. Particularly the tabletop letterpress + accessories.

Have you seen this VW commercial? Haha – I love the spin on Singin’ in the Rain! It’s kinda old, but I don’t watch much TV so it’s new to me.

National Geographic started a Tumblr where they share rare and never seen photos from their archives. Very cool!

YUM! I love anything flavored with orange or ginger. This tea cake sounds perfect.

Check out Coffee and Cardigan’s weekly feature, Thrifter Thursday, where bloggers share their thrifted or partially thrifted outfits. I linked up!

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St. Patrick’s Day Links!

Spiddal, Ireland © Maggie Josey, 2013

Above image – the only four leaf clover I’ve ever found was in Ireland. My friend was searching for one in a patch of clover, and I just looked down and there one was. Not even ten minutes later, I found 20 Euro on a solitary beach. Coincidence?

I’m switching up weekend links and doing it today…I should have an outfit for you tomorrow. Today was a sweatpants and t-shirt day for me. This week’s links are St. Patrick’s Day themed. If for no other reason, I like this holiday because it reminds me of spring and of Ireland. It also reminds me of that time I studied abroad in London and our faculty-in-residence scheduled us to go to a four hour opera in Italian on St. Patty’s Day…not many of my classmates were very happy about that.


Green foods are a festive choice for St. Patrick’s Day. Try mint – a homemade shamrock shake (no food coloring!), or matcha (green tea) – donuts, cookies, cream puffs, and cupcakes. If you like avocados, check out my pin board devoted to this favorite food of mine. If you missed it, check out my recipe for avocado pie – yummm!

Bailey’s Irish cream and Guinness are of course popular choices for this holiday. I’d prefer mine incorporated into a desert, though – this Bailey’s pound cake sounds good, as do all of these desserts. Or you could make some Irish whiskey fudge.


I love this shamrock moss wreath. I’d gladly leave it on my door all year.

These paper shamrocks are cute…and probably easier to make than the wreath.

A felt shamrock garland in the colors of the rainbow – pretty!

These St. Patrick’s Day vases are cute and unique.

Live shamrocks – the best kind!


These Celtic knot necklaces are so pretty! Grab some green cord and follow this tutorial video to tie the knot.

Give yourself a manicure – minty-green nail polish with gold sparkles.

The Pantone color of the year is emerald. Check out this inspiration post I did on wearing emerald for some ideas on how to dress for St. Patty’s Day!

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Weekend Links!

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday! I’m thinking either these cupcakes or these? Hmmm…

This video is brilliant. As is the kid narrating.

And another video. Goats are strange creatures.

An awesome DIY – turn a utility bucket into an ottoman.

I spend a large portion of my day sitting…I think I need one of these.

This made me giggle.

Have an old pair of flats or heels you want to jazz up?

Yes, I primarily shop secondhand, but these purses are lovely and $5 from every purchase is donated to a cause, depending on the color of the purse.

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Weekend Links!

Excited for the weekend? Here are some neat links for you to check out:

I’m not 100% sure if I’ve ever posted this, but here are 6 ways to wear a button-up.

Check out these really neat DIY rope bangles.

I want a pair of pants like these…Palazzo pants I believe they’re called?

EVERY DAY my desire to move to Oregon grows a little stronger. Today it grew 57% stronger than on a typical day.

Chocolate eclairs! They look much easier to make than I would have thought.

Check out this Fashion Mixology over at A Beautiful Mess. Looks three and four are my faves.

Make a pretty scarf that will transition well into spring.

These tutorial videos are pretty funny.